Thursday, June 16, 2022

Thursday, June 16, 2022, Weekly Administrative Update

 This blog focuses on sharing important information, classroom work, and photos taken throughout the week.

Congratulations Class of 2022!

Congratulations Comets D1 LAX State Champions!!

Comets Softball D1 Championship Game

Congratulations Comets on an amazing season!!

Congratulations Track & Field Athletes:

Manny Chiappinelli, Loghan Hughes, 

Ethan Mashtare & Calvin Storms

at the New England Championship!

Congratulations St. Albans Messenger 

Athlete of the Week Alya Shea

Athlete of the Week, goalie Ayla Shea, closed her junior season with a D1 title win in a fiercely contested 10-9 game against Burr and Burton Academy!!

Congratulations Yahir Ramirez

featured in the Vermont Conversation

May 2022 Math Students of the Month!
The names are in the same order as the pictures.
Emma Archambault, Jilyan Bedard, Aries Chagnon,
Addison Charron, Rebekah Dalmer, Lucas LeBlanc,
Charlotte Pierce, Madison Reynells, Ryder Rheaume,
Amelia Rushford, Michael Weber

Congratulations Terry Raymond!!

Terry Raymond, who has given BFA 27+ years of service in building maintenance, is retiring at the end of June. Thank you for all you have done for our school and students, Terry!!!

Students working on 
College Common Application

Summer Program

Have a wonderful summer!!

Friday, June 10, 2022

Friday, June 10, 2022, Weekly Administrative Update

 This blog focuses on sharing important information, classroom work, and photos taken throughout the week.

Important Dates

Final week schedule 9-11th:
June 13 = Wednesday
June 14 = Tuesday
June 15 = Wednesday
June 16= Tuesday
June 17 = In-service

Graduation June 11th 11 am @ CPSC

Diplomas are ready!

Congratulations Class of 2022!!

Senior Awards Night June 9th

Senior Parade/Break out to Bay/BBQ/ Project Graduation June 8th

Semifinal games June 7th

Comet Softball & LAX heading to D1 Championship!!

Dance Performance June 7th

Music Awards June 6th
The 29th Annual Music Recognition Evening returned to being in-person again this past Monday, June 6th. Armand Messier and Eric Bushey, BFA Music Directors hosted the event that honored students who: participated in music festivals, were recognized by their peers by superlative awards, won the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award, the National School Choral Award, and the Verne Colburn Instrumental Music Award. Seniors were all individually recognized for their years of participation in the music department. 

The event was live-streamed and can be viewed here


BFA Chorus recently recorded a music video of One Day (Matisyahu) this semester and we are pleased to shared it to the community! The video is available on Facebook and YouTube. Here are the details:

BFA Chorus performs “One Day,” by Matisyahu in an effort to express optimism and a call for a more peaceful world. Choral arrangement and music video editing/production by Armand Messier, BFA Choral Director. Special thanks to Dino Patsouris for his camera work and support on the music video.

Give it a share on social media if you have a chance!

Senior Athletic Awards June 5th

VT D1 Track and Field Championship June 4th

VT DI Track & Field State Championship; BFA St. Albans brings home four state titles!
Great effort by all the athletes! Congratulations to Manny Chiappinelli, Loghan Hughes, and Ethan Mashtare for earning state titles.

Congratulations St. Albans Messenger Athlete of the Week BFA-St. Albans senior Calvin Storms broke the four-minute mark in the boys’ 1500m at the Division 1 Vermont Track and Field State Championships on Saturday, June 4.

Mercury News

The Mercury's retirement profile of Tim Fugere, thanks to Grace Peyrat! 

Rachel Ledoux has published a retirement profile of Mark Capsey in The Mercury:

Classroom News

Students (L - Lexy Newton, R - Lexi Smith) approached the optional dissection with trepidation, but ultimately really enjoyed the experience.

Mrs. Hebert’s classes ended their Great Gatsby unit with a 1920s party! Students researched everything from food to fashion to film from the time period and much more!

6:15am Driver Education is painfully early, especially for the siblings who have to come in early too. Molly MacKenzie makes good use of her time with an early morning rehearsal.

2022 Outstanding Community Mentor Award

I would like you to help me congratulate our colleague Sandra Casavant on earning the 2022 Outstanding Community Mentor Award. The time and effort she put into mentoring Jenelle Hardy was instrumental in helping Jenelle develop her post secondary goals. She will be attending UVM next year where she will be applying to the university's new Occupational Therapy program. Please congratulate both of them on their accomplishment if you see them before graduation! 
Liam Mahabir