Thursday, November 7, 2019

GGGBFA#12: BFA's Connector Update


Elevation Plan

Last night the Maple Run Unified School District Board approved the pre-qualification of seven contractors to bid on the connector project.  See the list of contractors below.  Currently, the schedule for the project is as follows:
  • December 6, 2019 - Construction Project Documents released for bidding
  • January 6, 2020 - Bids due back for project
  • January 8, 2020 - MRUSD Board awards contract for work
  • January 15 - 31, 2020 - Construction mobilization for the beginning of work
  • Start of School 2020-21 - Connector and site work completed - Phase I of the sprinkler system of the south building completed
  • Summer 2021 - Phase II  of the sprinkler system of the south building completed
  • Summer 2022 -  Phase III of the sprinkler system of the south building completed  
Enclosed are two photos of the plans for our construction work, one being the site plan and the other being elevations of the connector.   There are more details we still need to finish, and as we finalize the answers, we will let you know.  Currently, we are creating drawings for the foot traffic and construction area between the buildings.  The current plan is that students and staff will use the easternmost door by the gym to enter and exit the south building and the doors near the science rooms below the principal's office to exit and enter the north building.  There will be a fence to keep people out of the construction zone. 

If you have any questions, please contact Bill Kimball.


Conner  Construction
PC Construction
Kenneth R. Adams
Neagley & Chase Construction
Wright and Morrisey General Contractors
DEW Construction
Peak CM Construction

Site Plan

GGGBFA#11 Financial Literacy


Ninety students from the Business Department’s Career Exploration, Accounting, and Personal Finance classes collaborated with the BPW (Business & Professional Women’s Organization) and forty-five community members to learn about Financial Literacy.

Students participated in mock interviews, learned the costs of housing, transportation, groceries, insurance, etc. and what life will be like as they start to make decisions on how to manage their finances in the future.

GGGBFA#10 Latest Student News

Next Stop News

See the latest edition of the BFA's Studnet newspaper The BFA Mercury,    The links below are to stories published this fall.

Blazin' Bleachers by Kaia McKenzie
Halloween Creeps into BFA by Xain DeMont
The Secret Harm of Dab Pens by Dylan Lamson

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

GGGBFA#9: Special Olympics

On Friday's in-service day, 13 students attended the Special Olympics of Vermont annual conference. With other students, they brainstormed on how to become a unified school, community, world. 

Special Olympics of Vermont handed out many awards. 

BFA’s Ian Carpenter was named Athlete of the year! We are very proud of him! 

GGGBFA#8: Music and Dancing

Master dancers and drummers Ishmael Bangoura, Moustapha Bangoura, and Ousmane Camara visited Alexis Kamitses dance and science classrooms on Thursday to share in the music and dance from Guinea West Africa. Ms. Kamitses' science classes have been studying the effects of exercise on the human body and dance classes have been studying forms that influenced American dance. Other students dropped in during the day and even the French III class got to come by and practice their French. Everyone had a great day!

The Fall Concert featured all students in Band 1, 2, &3, Jazz Band And String Orchestra. The concert was a culmination of the hard work kids were doing in their music classes this Fall. The band's next task is to get ready for the upcoming Veteran's day parade and then the quick turnaround time for the Holiday Concert on December 15th. 

Friday, November 1, 2019

GGGBFA#7- Admin Message


Teacher Conferences and Tea with Administrators

By: Bill Kimball

We want to thank all the students and families who joined us on Wednesday and Friday for Parent Conferences. Sara Kattam and I enjoyed discussing with students and parents: issues, supports needed, and possible solutions to help BFA improve our already great school. There were many good ideas that we will combine with the data we received from the senior parents. Within the next month, we will be hosting another parent forum for all parents and forming the parent advisory group. Please stay tuned as we will be providing more details in the next week on both topics.

If you did not get a chance to meet with one or more of your student's teachers, please remember that you are free to reach out to them via phone or e-mail. The staff’s contact information is available on the school’s website, along with the Maple Run Application that you can download from either the iTunes or Android store. Also, you may call the school at 802-527-6555 and use the phone directory to find a staff member.

Student Contact Verification Forms

This coming Monday, all students will receive a paper form for families to verify their contact information.  Please fill out the form and return them to the guidance office by Friday, November 8th, so we can ensure your information is correct and our rapid communication systems are correctly programmed as we enter the winter season.

Our hope is by next year, we will have this form online as another option for parents to submit their information electronically.

Senior Transcripts

We believe that all seniors with November 1st deadlines have had their transcripts submitted to colleges and provided to families. We would like to thank the seniors and their families for their feedback and patience as our collaboration has produced the best possible product for our students. 

If you believe something is missing for your student, please reach out to the guidance office and/or Bill Kimball so we can provide it as quickly as possible. 

GGGBFA#6 A Blustery Day- Nov 1 In-service


November 1st was a blustery day, but staff weathered the storm to get to BFA. Some staff-members reported driving through high waters, and colleagues providing "lifeboats" to get them to work despite washed out driveways and culverts. 

The morning brought staff together to define the current PLP process and look at data collected from the previous in-service prompting discussion. Mr. Kimball and Ms. Kattam fielded questions and cast some vision for the following activity. Staff met together again in Proficiency-Based Learning Circles to read excerpts from books and publications about proficiency grading systems and then link them to the discussion of the four major PBL questions populated from the previous surveys. 

After PBL circles, staff participated in a much needed hour of wellness activities organized by Edee McArtor and Jennifer Konrad, the VEHI wellness coordinators. Staff engaged in some friendly competition in ping-pong, corn hole, basketball, and mindfulness in Yoga. It was the perfect segway into an afternoon of Parent-Teacher conferences. 

The Guidance Department was working hard all day, writing senior letters of recommendation and uploading finalized transcripts for college applications. All in all a very productive day.